Vivianne Oblivion

Vancouver’s daring dame of danger will stun audiences with her variety of skills and all around explainable behavior. Descendant of Gypsy kings she has inherited some strange and unusual talents. Vivianne made her way to Coney Island Sideshow School to learn to control her extraordinary abilities in the traditional American style. Some of the things you may see her do includes her specialty in swallowing swords, fire eating, lounging on a bed of nails, bumping and grinding with live snakes and maybe even a rare sighting of her chomping on various un-thinkables such as broken glass!

Having spent years in post secondary education studying anatomy, her exploration of the human body knows no boundaries. She has participated in numerous human cadaver dissection courses, seeing the body in intimate detail gaining a better understanding of it's possibilities. Vivianne also enjoys exploring her own body, not just with the sideshow arts but with hooked flesh suspension. As a suspension artist she not only suspends but pierces as well which lead her into a career in commercial body piercing. Vivianne combines the glamour of a show girl with the grit of the sideshow. The result is not exactly what you would think!

Vivianne has thrilled audiences across the nation performing with various traveling circus sideshows. Shows include Vancouver’s Caravan of Creeps and Neil. E. Dee’s Danger Thrill Show and the world famous American troupe Hellzapoppin Sideshow. Vivianne Oblivion also works with local Vancouver musical theater acts such as The Vaudeville Vagabonds (Rock'n Roll Steampunk), Blackberry Wood (Rock'n Roll Gypsy Carnival Band) and appearing in music videos for bands such as The Pack A.D. Do not miss the rare opportunity to catch this amazing woman alive and in the flesh because you really don't know what she will do next!