Mr. Buggles

This foul mouthed monster from Kentucky is more than just a snorting side show extraordinaire, he's the world's worst circus dog.  Adorned with a cinnamon bun tail and sideways top hat, this Frenchie has more fans than the scantily clad women that grace the sideshow stage.  Some say he's the brains behind the operation, we say he's addicted to cheese and has intimacy issues.  He'll warm your heart, snuggle under your covers, and then leave without making breakfast.  The master of the gift that keeps on giving, he can gas out a bus, and you'll be tasting his emissions for days.  With a mug like his, Mr. Buggles is the face of Hellzapoppin, the mascot.  The most loyal of sidekicks, he's The Govna's right hand man. As far as anyone can tell, Mr. Buggles has been the only one worthy enough to share The Govna's bed for more than one night at a time.  This persnickety Frenchie won't let just anyone paw at his satin ears, he is a fellow of discerning taste.  The love child of sideshow, he'll make even the largest of men melt in the palm of his paws.