Eric Girardi

Is a national touring artist with a lot of skill.  He's a recognized world-ranked yoyo player, knife juggler, fire-eater, stilt-walker and much more.


Contact Fire * - fire traveling across body in controlled manner
Contact Juggling/Sphereplay * - manipulation of one ball balanced and rolled upon body
Diabolo/Chinese YoYo - like a large yoyo resting upon string, while holding handsticks that is thrown and manipulated
Devilsticks * - one large stick and two smaller sticks in hands used to manipulate larger stick
Escape Artistry - escaping from rope tied by audience member
Fire Breathing *
Fire Eating *
Fire Jump Rope * - (everything is more interesting on fire, right?)
Juggling (6 balls; clubs; knives; torches; hatchet; rings) *
Kendama - advanced ball and cup tricks
Knife Throwing
Paddleball (1 or 2 at same time)
Palm Spinning (2-9 balls) - balls spun in hands and around body in patterns
Plate Spinning
Poi/Swinging Chains * - tethered ends of wicking or balls spun on chains
Rola Bola (balance board)
Rope Knot Throwing - a single rope thrown into complex knots by controlled hand movements
Staff *
Top Spinning - (beyond what you could imagine)
Whip *
YoYos (two at a time; not attached to hand; not attached to string; more) - (it's not just a toy anymore)