Broadcast, TV, Film:
• Guinness World Records:
“Lo show dei Record” (Italy)
“GWRL, Facebook Live” (Feature)
• National Geographic Chanel: “Humanly Impossible”
• Comedy Central
• A&E
• America’s Got Talent (2x, USA)
Das SuperTalent (2x, Austria & Germany)
La France a un Incroyable Talent (France)
• Netflix: AMC's “FreakShow” (seasons 1 & 2)
• Science Chanel: “Outrageous Acts of Science”
• Discovery Channel: “Vegas rat rods”
• Travel Channel
• International Spanish TV:
— Estrella TV: “Jose Luis sin Censura”
— Univision: “Sabado Gigante”,
“Don Francisco Presenta”
• RTL (Germany)
• Popovich and the Voice of the
Fabled American West (Film)
• The Amazing Race 3 (Israel)
• Kanal 1: “Mucizeler Gecesi” (Turkey)
• Penn & Teller: “Tell a Lie”

Performance Skills, Sideshow / Freakshow / Fakir:! "
Sword Swallowing & variations: !
• Swallowing a (27in long x 2in wide) Serpentine blade from the ground then out,
only using my mouth; no hands or other help."
" -- First person in recorded history."
• Worlds Brightest Light Sword (clearly visible in the throat)."
" -- Inventor and fabricator of 8 different styles; Red, White, Blinking patterns, Double sided, etc."
• Longest and thickest drill-bit, swallowed on a running power drill."
• 3 blades, pounded into me by a frying pan and whipped out of me with a chain.
Other items: Pool / Billiard stick, walking cane, very large spoon handles, metal rods,
large saw blades, Rifle barrels, etc."
Mr. ScrewFace:
• Large ridged metal coils driven by power drills through the nose & out the mouth."
• 3 sizes; 1 foot, 2.5 feet (with power drills) and 4 feet (Guinness World Record, 2012)."
Nasal Tubes: !
• 8 foot long tube woven in both nostrils & mouth to drink colored liquids then whipped out." "
Block head: !
• Classic Sideshow act of hammering a large nail (or other objects) deep in the nose. "
Eye Socket weight lifting:!
• The most weight lifted at 115 pounds (52 kilo),
I regularly lift 85 pounds each show."
• The heaviest car / truck pulled, 7,500 pounds
(3,400 kilo), I commonly pull 4,500 pounds (2,040
kilo) by using only hooks on my eye-sockets." "
Suspension (Flesh Hook Body Suspension):!
• Hanging the body by freshly pierced skin. many
positions and presentations are possible. "
• I am a Lead Technician. We are responsible for
all aspects of body suspension; rigging, piercing,
Personal Coach, cross-contamination prevention
(aseptic technique), after care, over all event safety,
• Notable suspensions: first successful Suspension
by face, over 1hr form one hook (2x), hung for 3hr
75ft high." "
Deep Tissue Skewering:
(piercing through muscles with a long needle)!
• Mostly piercing through my biceps but also
pierce between the bones my forearm or
under my collarbone. 
Skull Hang: !
• Similar to the classic circus act of hanging from a strap around the base of the skull."
• I am able to swing hard form a small strap & even pick people up for a short time. "
Heart Relocation:!
• An act of internal contortion where I reposition my heart and push it down so the "
beating is clearly visible below my sternum then manually push it back in place."
• I'll walk around in the audience to let them see up-close & feel my temporarily
relocated beating heart. " "
Goosebumps on Command: !
• A close-up visible presentation of 'Mind Over Body' by voluntarily producing
goosebumps at will. " "
Spear Tip Endurance: my most physically demanding act."
• I carefully place my abdomen on the tip of a single, up-right Spear so it rests on the
front of my spine. Then spin my entire body 3-5 times on the Spear tip. "
• My single Spear is sharper than what the Shaolin Monks are seen using." "
Shoulder Blade Hang: !
• Gripping a metal plate by only the Shoulder Blades then lifted off the ground."
• Different than Hook Suspension, no piercing and can be done every day." "
Additional Sideshow Stunts:!
Andrew Stanton, aka Andrew S. #4 of #11
• Broken Glass (walking & jumping)
• Human Pin Cushion & Staple Gun (piercing only skin)
• Tesla Coil (human lightning bolt)
• Fire Breathing & Manipulation
• Knife Throwing
• Bed of Nails
• Ladder of Swords
• and more

Performance History:!
2018 - 2013, headlined for “Screeemfest” at Canobie Lake Park
• 7 weeks each Halloween season.!
• Oldest amusement park in the USA (opened 1902, New Hampshire). "
2012, received a Guinness World Record for my "Mr. ScrewFace" stunt!
• Full page in Guinness World Record Book (2014)." "
2010, residency at MGM's Studio 54 (Las Vegas) with "DJ Scribble's FreakShow" (night club)! "
2009, headlined in "FREAKS", a theatrical Vegas sideshow!
• Located at the old O'Sheas Casino (Las Vegas, NV)." "
2007, full-time Sideshow performer & Head of SwingShift SideShow!
• Sep - Oct: "Fright Dome" at Circus Circus, Las Vegas.! "
2005, co-founded "SwingShift SideShow" (!
• Invented & created my original stunt "Mr. ScrewFace".! "
2003, stared in "SHOCK" a theatrical sideshow!
• All of October, at the old Bourbon Street Casino (Las Vegas, NV).!
2002, Suspension (Flesh Hook Body Suspension)!
• 95-100 personal & performance Suspensions by 2015 for;
" Casinos, Night Clubs, TV, Film and Conventions.!
• Lead Technician* for over 500 Suspensions on other people. (*See below for more information)! "
1997, Sword Swallower (See below for more information)!
• Started at age 17 and am continually adding different skills.!


• Ripley’s Believe It or Not
• Coney Island Sideshow
• Venice Beach Freakshow (CA, USA)
• Circus Circus: Fright Dome
• Ritz Carlton
• Hyatt Regency
• House of Blues
• The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
• MGM – Mirage: Studio 54
• Harrah’s: O'Sheas Casino (Las Vegas)
• Palms Casino
• T-Mobile
• Mötley Crüe
• Floyd Mayweather Jr.
• The Amazing Johnathan
• Zappos
• Canobie Lake Park (6 seasons, NH, USA)
• Sadistic Circus (Tokyo, Japan)
• Circus Ruska Festival (Finland)
• The City of Rijeka (Croatia)
• County of San Bernardino (USA)
• City of San Diego (CA, USA)
• Roosevelt Hotel (Hollywood, USA)
• Hard Rock Casino
• Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
• Sephora

Print: !
• Bizarre Magazine (2x)
• Las Vegas City Life (cover)
• Las Vegas Weekly (2x)
• Huffington Post (Feature)
• Las Vegas Sun: The Sunday (Cover story. Las Vegas)
• Tattoo Savage
• Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine
• Wildcat's Expand

You might have seen Hellzapoppin's feature performer Andrew S on Ripley's Believe It Or Not, National Geographic Channel, Comedy Central, CBS, A&E, Science Channel, Discovery Channel and America's Got Talent! Andrew S is one of the biggest, best and most famous circus sideshow performers in the world. Andrew will be performing Sword Swallowing, Eye Socket Weight Lifting and his signature Guinness World Record stunt the Screw Face.