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Ashley Wren (Hellzapoppin's Attorney at Law)
Brent Graves (Hellzapoppin's Graphic Artist)
Rex "Killbuck" Norman (Hellzapoppin's Graphic Artist)

​Aaron Wollin aka Short E. Dangerously

Brittany Shaara (Advocate)

Ken Tyrrell (Advocate)
Biker Babe Bling (Advocate)
Rechey & Brenda Davidson (Advocate)
Geneva Stanberry (Advocate)
Amy Graves (Advocate)
Greg and Becki Termine (Advocate)

Kristen Birden Prince  (Advocate)
Rick O'Quin (Advocate)
Carrie Schaarup (Advocate)
Scott Smith (Advocate) 
Jozelle Smith (Advocate)

Jeremy "Mu-fuck'n Hellion" Spicer  (Promoter)
Randy Miller (Jacksonville Mechanic)
Richard Knox (Dallas Mechanic and fabricator)
Carl Vilardo family (Advocate)
Cindy Caldwell (Advocate) 
Travis Robertson (Advocate)
Sherry Harps (Advocate)

Robert and Maggie White (Advocate)
Katie (Cathryn) Newkirk Kaderbeck (Advocate)
Richard Knight (Advocate)
Kathy Locker (Advocate)
Jason Fare (Advocate)
Kevin Godfree (Advocate)
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Stacia Marian (Advocate)
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Ashley Houck (Advocate)
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Alexis Kubicka (Advocate)
Susan Bingman (Advocate)
Rebecca Cvar (Advocate)


Kim Kiff - Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! 
Hellzapoppin’ has put on many live performances in the courtyard of our Believe It or Not! Museum.  The shows did not disappoint.  Guests of all ages were mesmerized, shocked and awed at the many varied acts.  The group interacted well with the audience and had a nice humor woven into the show.  Overall, the performances were excellent and the audiences definitely got what they came for.

Brandi G
Because people like yourself, or I suppose your alter-ego of The Govna. You own yourself. You own your art. You make the masses believe in something, outside of their everyday routine. I've never seen artistry like yours and that of your crew. Its more than just a "show".....its a way of life. As it seems from my eyes anyway. Lol

Rebekah Gamache
As alternative as you seem, you are the American dream. 

Betty Bloomerz (circus artist)
You gave me a microphone a plane ticket and way to find something I didn't realize until we met- a voice and confidence as a performer - many years ago- regardless of anything else- i'll UN-apologetically adore that time, to grow in whatever way - it needed to happen, and I hope success for you and safe and happy new year!

-Kilmo (Blood Sweat and Tears)
One of the best shows EVER at any of my venues....Part circus sideshow, part burlesque, part black humor with a punk/tattooed/pierced twist. Total pro performers and great people!

Octavian Ketterman
It is stunning to experience your presentation, incredibly amplified by your personality and character in communication with the audience. I found your precision striking and hypnotic. Your intensity and interest in your expression has left an unusual sort of resonant inspiration. Thank you.

Alexis Herzog
Dear Hellzapoppin gang,
Just had to share with you how much fun last night was at chameleons. It's such a wonderful feeling to re-live childhood wonder and amusement.  You're a continuation of the dream to live your passions! I love seeing it come to fruition in all forms. The joy and satisfaction of that is tangible...

Kristen Prince
No one can deny the amount of talent and entertainment oozing from this show! You’ll hardly believe your eyes when they swallows swords, eats fire, walks on glass, among a laundry list of other dangerous stunts. The combination of beauty and danger can turn even the most unimpressed of heads.  There is no one way to describe this show accurately, you must see it with your own eyes! Such an amazing and talented group of performers that are worthy of our squeals, applause, and laughter! Hellzapoppin has something for everyone, and you’ll be talking about it for months afterwards! 
Kristen Prince    

Brian Thomas Randleman
My team and I were serving food in the VIP tent in Phoenix. We were all impressed by how amazingly nice you all were. You guys made our jobs worth it. Mister Graves showing off tricks for chicken might have stolen the show (sorry). I could not believe seeing that the next week you were already in Florida. You guys move fast. I can guarantee I gave the loudest "fuck yeah" at the whole venue. I think I scared more people by yelling than you sticking shit in your skull. I wish you good luck on the tour and will definitely see you around next time you make it in Phoenix. 

Wendy Roache'
Dude, I will be very honest with you, up until I seen y’alls show live, I would always, shut my eyes, an do the icky dance, when I seen this on tv,,I hated it,,, it totally freaked me out!! When I came to see your show, I was a total Virgin, to all this,, an it was fucking AWESOME,, I could not look away!! IT WAS THE MOST AWESOME THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Totally in love with yall,, I GET IT NOW!, I would always go,, WTF ARE THEY DOING, WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT??? , I get it now,,, oh I totally get it now!! I wish I could just take yall with me every where I go,, an when I see someone having a totally shitty day, whip yall out, an go "check this out!" an watch their amazement! Its awesome, keep up the good work,, an totally cant wait to you guys again!! I'm hooked!

Julie Wright
This show was the sickest show I have ever seen! All participants have amazing charisma and draw you into the show. The way they all push the limits of their minds and bodies is so exciting!!!

Scott Smith
Do not miss this show! You won't see anything like it anywhere! Get in your car, bring some friends and drive your ass to their next performance, you won't regret it!

Rachael Smith
Hellzapoppin is one of the most incredible shows I have had the privilege of watching. And I'm hooked. I have been to quite a few shows now, I even went to Raleigh, NC to see them and I live in Jacksonville, FL! They are some of the most incredible people I met. Yes, they do freaky stuff (but honestly, who doesn't love that stuff?!) But they also have big hearts and are hilarious. I'm taking a 11 hours drive in May to see them again all the way to Louisville, KY just to watch and hang out. If they are in your state, you'd be a fool not to see them. They are one hell of a show, and one you don't want to miss. 

Melissa Cooper
I didn't want to shut my eyes for a second to blink!!! An amazing and magnetic performance by the whole cast. A MUST see show ...again and again and again!!!!

Cheryl Ann Oakes
this show is the most fun i've ever had with my clothes on. amazing artists, squinch my eyes shut, gasp out loud amazingness. i've seen them twice now and can't wait til they come back. GO SEE IT! 

Eric Outer Banks Brewing, LLC
I just sent some VA festival promoter a serious handjob about you.

Amanda Conda
I was truly impressed. For my first circus side show ever, I don't think it could be beat. You were all entertaining and inspiring. I want more! You've awakened something! 

Charles Chuckles Hoffmaster
I honestly bow to your achievements, no joke, almost as much as Houdini.  I couldn’t hold a candle to it either, and wouldn’t dare try.

 Andrew Bunin (Sandbar Sports Grill, Cocoa Beach, FL)
Hellzapoppin was a wonderful event.  The Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach is a full service restaurant with lots of live music.  The Hellzapoppin side show was something very different from are normal events.  Bryce and the crew were very easy and professional to work with.  We had zero issues with the show.  The event created quit a curious vibe all over town.  We had a great turnout and the OOOs and AHHS from the crowd,  let me know everyone had a great time.  Much like a train wreak that you didn't want to look at,  But could not turn away from!  The talk of the crowd was " How did They Do That"  i would definitely recommend the Hellzapoppin Side Show and can't wait to have them back.