A very humble and gracious man, he'll never sell his fans short on his appreciation for their love and support. After 15 years in the entertainment industry, Short E has found his niche in the sideshow business. It wasn't very long ago that his headphones were his signature look. He credits his good heart, and strength to his mother, a very endearing tribute and something to be infinitely proud of. Don't blink for a moment, you might miss your chance to witness this skilled individual. We also suggest locking up your daughters, sisters wives, what have you, because they just might run away with the circus...


He's 3' 3" and he has hands where his feet should be. A nightclub emcee and DJ veteran, fresh blood sideshow stuntman, and magnetic slick talking half-man, Short E Dangerously will blow your mind and steal your wife. You may mistakenly feel sorry for this man, but it is you who will be feeling like half a man after a chance encounter. With the strength of ten men, and the heart of his dear mother, Short E will leave no mind closed, no woman disinterested, and no child without wanderlust. It's rumored that he was in such a hurry to hit center stage that he couldn't be bothered with legs, so at two and a half years old, he demanded the doctors remove them. He's been running hand over fist ever since…  Oh no, save your prayers, your blessings, and your sympathy, it's your applause and urgent screams he'll dine on. Perhaps it is he that travels from town to town teaching women what they don't know how. With no regard for gravity or safety you will find yourself glued to center stage, your eyes ablaze, your mind wandering. 

Surely you wouldn't assume that his only claim to fame is being a Half-Man.  A fire breather, knife thrower and acrobat, Short E is your one stop shop for side show performances and magic shows. Having traveled the world over, Short E has left his mark in New Zealand, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada and the entire continental United States of America.  He was featured on NatGeo's Istagram page where his photo earned hundred's of thousand's of likes and you can also find Shorty in the 2017 Ripley's Believe It Or Not book!